Kimihide Ando

Kimihide Ando was posted as General Manager for Pakistan, Mitsubishi Corporation in April 2010. This is his second assignment to Pakistan, the 1st of which was during 1998 – 2003. He has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from the International Christian University, Tokyo and joined Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan in 1982. He has spent most of his career in the Chemical Group. During his tenure, other than Pakistan he was assigned to Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Indonesia, and has diverse experience in Marketing, Chemicals, HRD and Manufacturing. He is also Director of Tri-Pack Films Limited. Moreover, he is Vice Chairman of PJBF (Pakistan Japan Business Forum) and is also a President of OICCI (Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Trustee of FDSK (the Foundation for Diffusion of Scientific Knowledge). He joined the Board in 2010.